About Cookiesound is Travelling

Cookiesound is Travelling is for the individual traveller, for the one who tries to avoid the crowds, for the one who loves exploring places without a tour-guide and without pick-up service at an airport. We want to bring exciting places anywhere in the world closer to our audience. Not only through our travel writing, but mostly through our travel photography, we show the world around us in a real, honest and sometimes sarcastic way. We’re excited to take a new direction with our travel writing and photography and hope you’ll enjoy our work.

Why ‘Cookiesound’?

We’ve always had parrots as pets because we love the sound they make … sort of like in a far away place just like when we’re on one of our adventures.

Years ago a Crimson Rosellas parrot escaped from somewhere and found his way into our lovely garden. It seemed like he waited to get caught by us, which in the end took us over three hours. We decided to name him Cookie. And that’s how we ended up with Cookiesound as the name of our blog.

About Nisa & Ulli Maier

We’re a two women show; a mother-daughter travel photography team to be exact. Our adventure took its course soon after leaving the maternity ward with little Nisa in the co-drivers seat. The first trip started out on a twelve-month-long journey through Africa in a 4×4 Mercedes Unimog truck, with all necessary baby equipment on-board, all the way from Vienna via Alexandria down to Mombasa. Many exciting trips followed. To name a few: Jungle trekking in Sri Lanka, scuba diving our way through Indonesia, living the life of a real cowboy in Australia, sunbathing on the beaches of Malaysia or city-hopping in India.

The life of a traveller can be shaped in different ways; after yet another exciting trip, we prefer to return home to our beautiful little village outside of Vienna and live a regular life. This makes every planned journey more reasoned and the memories more lasting.

Ulrike Maier Photographer Ulrike Maier

Ulli Maier

„We plan our journeys without the help of professionals, ideas for destinations come through reading old books or browsing the internet for distinctive locations. Once focused on a region, our enthusiasm is abundant & we’re on our way.“
Nisa Maier Photographer Nisa Maier

Nisa Maier

„Living the life we live isn't so out of this world as many people might think. We’ve simply made our dreams reality and anyone can do that.“