Media Cooperations

Cookiesound Is Travelling is a personal blog written and edited by Nisa & Ulli Maier. It’s a fast growing travel site with a loyal and engaging audience, suited for passionate travellers with an emphasis on photography, adventures, individuality, culture and inspirations. To run Cookiesound Is Travelling, we didn’t win in the lottery, we don’t live off of someone else money and we don’t have sponsors sending us around the world. To be frank: we’re simply not selling our souls! Today one could almost say, that this is unique.

Still, we’re always happy to partner up with travel-related companies, in case the content relates to our way of thinking and our readers interests. Below is a selection of partnership possibilities. For any questions on mentioned partnerships or any further ideas (cooperation with travel agencies, affiliate programmes, etc.), please contact us via the Contact Form.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored posts are only accepted if the content relates to us & our readers interests. This content will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content. We don’t accept any kind of pre-written articles, therefore please spare us both the time and disappointment if this is what you’re looking for.


We’re happy to review travel related products, services, gears, hotels, companies and events. We don’t recommend anything we haven’t personally used, seen, slept in or travelled with.