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August 30, 2011 Documentary 5 Comments 10,227 Views

BBC Knowledge 60. Wonder. Shared.

Just found a really inspiring video by BBC Knowledge. It’s simple & only 60 seconds long, yet the illustration & animation by Mauro Rader make it totally cool. Thought I’d share it with all of you, so check it out:

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“BBC Knowledge 60. Wonder. Shared.”

  1. Angelika

    Great house advertising. I like the animation too and the colours. ;)

  2. Nisa

    Hi Angelika. Thanks for your comment. I can’t seem to quite follow you with the “house advertisment”. Maybe you can help me out? ;)

  3. Angelika

    Maybe it is the wrong english word for it, but I mean it is great “Eigenwerbung” for the channel or rather a great spot of the channel to inspire people to be curious about discovering the world and its wonder anyway. ;-)

  4. Nisa

    Ahhhhh, now I get you. Life self-promotion… I totally agree with you with that. But hey, they do it well haha ;)

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