The Noodle King

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The Noodle King In Guangzhou, China.

Chinese delicacies are bound to be divisive. Some people really love it and others can’t stand the food that shows up on a Chinese table. But with one dish (which is quite common to be found in any Chinese city) it’s different: the Chinese Noodle Soup.

China is the place where noodles were produced first. Marco Polo brought them back to Europe from his travels through Asia. Yet, the difference comes with the noodle production, which makes a real noodle restaurant in China so unique. The base is the same all over the globe: flour, salt and water.

First step for the perfect noodles.
First step for the perfect noodles.
Second step for the perfect noodles.
Second step for the perfect noodles.

As you will see in the video below, it’s important to get the right softness, otherwise the noodles will not turn out “the right way”. It really needs a lot of practise to become a real noodle chef. After waiting a while he takes a piece of dow and gently folds it into noodles just with his hands, folding and folding, as the dow gets thinner and thinner. It looks so easy, but for somebody who is not used to do it,  it’s nearly impossible because the dow cracks after the first or second folding.

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The soup base (made from beef)  is boiled freshly every day. Then it’s your choice what you ad; some people love a lot of greenies, like Pak Choi or Coriander, others like to add a fried egg and some prefer the rather local version with chopped cartilage from the soup.

The chef knows how it's done.
The chef knows how it’s done.

This dish and the knowledge of making these noodles originally comes from western China & most of the places are run by muslims. You can’t go wrong with this dish in China. It’s always freshly cooked and these restaurants all have a high turnover because locals love the noodle soup. It’s also one of the few dishes (that we) found in China which has a bit of a “western taste”. So there you have it! “Manmanchi” (I hope that’s the right translation for “bon appetit”!).

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“The Noodle King In Guangzhou, China.”

  1. Very interesting insights, this story really made me hungry. Guess what … we’re having noodles for lunch ;)

  2. Never tasted a real Chinese cuisine, but in India we get Chinese food with Inidian twist (we call it Chinese Indian fusion). And I think this happens in all other countries also? The two cooking styles are mixed and something else is invented, which sometimes tastes great :P

  3. Real chinese cuisines is nothing for the faint hearted ;) It’s not our favourite food but we were lucky to find this noodle king- This kind of soup really tastes fantastic!

  4. Bree

    Hi, I’m going to visit Guangzhou soon, would you be able to tell me the name of this restaurant and location perhaps? Also any shopping tips? Thanks, Bree

  5. Nisa

    Hi Bree! Unfortunately I don’t know the name, because it’s only written in Chinese. It’s in the Bayung district and the street name is Guihua Road. Hope this helps! Have fun in Guangzhou. Best, Nisa

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