Falkensteiner Hütte

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Excursion Tip Near Vienna: Falkensteiner Hütte.

The thing you need to know about fall in Austria is that it can either be the most beautiful or the most miserable time of the year. It can be cold, dark & rainy or cool, clear & sunny. Last Saturday we were lucky to have one of these splendid sunny days. I really wanted to go outdoors to enjoy the cool air and at the same time the warm sun. The problem was, that I had no idea where to go. I was sure that all of the places in Vienna would be packed, so I called my mum for advice. Of course she instantly knew the perfect spot and I hopped into my car to pick her up. Falkeinsteinerhütte here we come!

The Falkensteinerhütte is about 25 minutes (driving) West of Vienna. Built in 1920, it is one of the oldest buildings in the “Schöpfl” area. Until this day, not that much has changed (except the obvious); it’s still furnished in a rustic way and the kitchen offers good (typical Austrian) comfort food. The heating consists of a wood-fired oven & there’s no internet connection. It’s a spot of which (nowadays) not many people know of and therefore not overrun (which is a good thing for us but bad for business). Back in the old days it was a well visited place but this changed in the last two decades. The owner told us that 20 years ago visitors from all over Austria & Germany came to the “Schöpfl” area to harvest mushrooms, or that families came in flocks to enjoy a nice day-trip. I guess today kids (and their parents) rather sit in front of the computer or TV than to take a nice str0ll outside…

So how come we knew about this secret getaway? Well, the Falkensteinerhütte used to be our weekend spot. From the ages of 7-10 we (& heaps of family friends) were there almost every month or so. Until one cold fall day (must have been in 1999 or 2000) when we arrived there and stood in front of closed doors. It really hit us hard that the Falkensteinerhütte had to lock its doors for good…

Since only June of this year, the Falkensteinerhütte re-opened and of course we had to check it out! It was almost like a trip back in time when we walked those 20 minutes through the forest. I could see myself & my friends fooling around while our parents were happy that we were occupied ;)

So if you’re looking for nature, tranquillity and an idea for your next weekend trip, the Falkensteinerhütte is the right spot for you!

Falkensteinerhütte Facts.
  • Sea level: 642m
  • Address: Schlottleiten 299, A-3033 Altlengbach
  • How to get there: (There are a couple of ways but this one’s the fastest) Highway A21 “Wiener Außenring Autobahn” until the exit “Klausen-Leopoldsdorf”. From there the signs will lead you to “Gasthof Burda”. Park your car there and start walking. After 20-30 minutes you’ll arrive at the Falkensteinerhütte.
  • Opening hours: Saturday, Sunday and holidays
  • Other infos: Accommodation (mattresses) for 22 people – call in advance if you’re planning an overnight stay.
The drive up to the Falkensteinerhütte.
The drive up to the point where you start walking to the Falkensteiner Hütte is already worth a visit.
To get to the hut you have to walk through the forest.
To get to the Falkensteiner Hütte you have to walk through the Viennese woods.
On your way to the Falkeinsteiner Hütte you'll also pass a wonderful clearing.
On your way to the Falkeinsteiner Hütte you’ll also pass a wonderful clearing.
And of course I'm fooling around a bit...Fun is important people ;)
And if you’re not in a rush to get to the Falkensteiner Hütte, there’s always time to fool around a bit.
Huge trees...
Wonderful huge trees will guide you towards the Falkeinsteiner Hütte.
Just before you reach the Falkensteiner Hütte, you'll pass by this beautiful new wall.
Just before you reach the Falkensteiner Hütte, you’ll pass by this beautiful new wall.
And after a 20 minute walk, the Falkensteinerhütte emerges...
And after a approx. 20 minute walk, the Falkensteiner Hütte emerges.
Walking through the Viennese woods is really relaxing.
Walking through the Viennese woods is really relaxing.
On the way back we decided to take the scenic tour.
On the way back home, we decided to skip the highway and took the scenic tour.

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