The Trees Are Talking

November 4, 2011 Nature 2 Comments 6,287 Views

The Trees Are Talking.

Autumn in Austria, especially in the Vienna Woods, can be a vivid and colourful experience. This weekend we were strolling around in the woods near Vienna and were overwhelmed by the colourful beauty of nature.

Most clips are filmed hand-held – next time we’ll definitely use a tripod. We didn’t use any filter or colour correction, this video is pure nature ;) Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. It was heaps of fun filming & editing and for our first try (so don’t laugh) it didn’t turn out too bad…

Filming & Photography: Nisa Maier (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
Editing: Ines Gamler
Music: The Naughty Step – Malhamdale

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“The Trees Are Talking.”

  1. Angelika

    Cool, thumbs up! Indian Summer in Austria, yeah…

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