I Want To Live On A Tropical Island

February 29, 2012 Indonesia 2 Comments 14,759 Views

I’d Love To Live On A Tropical Island In Indonesia – During The Dry Season.

Sun, sea and sand; this is all I need if you ask me. A tropical island in Indonesia would be the right spot to linger during the grey winter months in Austria. Just this January we spent a couple of days off the coast of Sumatra … with white beaches, 30° in the shade, palm trees, coconuts and no tourist in sight. A dream come true, right?!

Of course I would only want to stay there during the dry season (yes, I’m picky when it comes to rain & snow haha). I know what it can look like if it rains for days … during our visit to Thailand in 2011, we left the tropical island of Koh Kood after four straight days of thunderstorms. Rain & beach is definitely not fun!

Anyway, back to my wanderlust fantasy of the day: Tropical beach paradise … all you need for this fantasy to come true is the time to stay and the money to get there :)

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“I’d Love To Live On A Tropical Island In Indonesia – During The Dry Season.”

  1. wow, what an amazing place…. looks beautiful! could spent some time wandering those beaches :)

  2. Nisa

    Thanks Kristina. Yup, I wouldn’t mind spending some time there either :)

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