A Taste of Vietnam

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A Taste Of Vietnam.

This week I would like to share a video by Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine. Daniel is the founder, editor, producer and director & Mirra the cameragirl/co-producer of The Perennial Plate. This series promotes Daniel’s passions of food, filmmaking and activism.

After learning to cook at his mother’s bed and breakfast, Daniel went on to work and train at many of the world’s top restaurants. His culinary education brought him to Spain, France, England, India and New York, where he has worked and trained. After graduating from NYU, Daniel also pursued a career in film. He has directed, filmed, edited and produced projects on various issues including the development industry in Africa and oil politics. Daniel’s most recent film “What are we doing here?” has aired on TV, in theaters and at numerous festivals around the world.

So, since you all know that I love food (especially Asian food), it was clear to me that I’d have to share this video with you. It made me hungry the first time I watched it, and it still does today…

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