Hong Kong & Guangzhou In One Day

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All In One Day: Hong Kong And Guangzhou.

Stepping out of Hong Kong’s Central Station felt like being on a trip through time. It’s been four years since I last visited this amazing city but it was almost as if I’ve never been gone. Not that much has changed. Sure, there are more skyscrapers and people but other than that, Hong Kong stayed as it was. I was actually just in transit for a couple of hours since Ulli and I would meet in Guangzhou China. Still, killing a few hours isn’t that hard, if you know your way around.

The view from the Peak in Hong Kong.
The view from the Peak in Hong Kong.

I started off with the Peak. I walked all the way to the station while pulling my huge bag behind me. I started to realize again, that 35° in Asia is a different kind of heat that 35° in Europe. I was sweating like a pig, and the trip hasn’t even started yet … further I walked to the Central Pier station and took the Star Ferry to the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. Then I explored the area around Nathan Road, like the Goldfish Market and walked all the way up to Prince Edward Street where my bus to Guangzhou was awaiting me.

The sky has no limit.
The sky has no limit.

CTS buses are a great and cheap way to get to China. Four hours and one stiff neck later, the bus turned into the street of the China Hotel, where Ulli welcomed me. By this time, I was up almost 48 hours but I didn’t seem exhausted yet. So we were off to a little shopping trip, with a stop at our favourite noodle soup shop. We found this place during our first visit to Guangzhou back in 2007 and have been coming back ever since then. Definitely the best place in town! The “Grand Finale” of the day was a wonderful head massage at a local hair dresser. What more can you want?

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“All In One Day: Hong Kong And Guangzhou.”

  1. VoicePhotos

    I noticed you visited the Peak quite often. I found out that hiking up to the peak is way more enjoyable experience if you don’t have much to carry. My 2 cents.

  2. Nisa

    I bet it is :) But luckily this was a one-time thing and I’d had the change to hike up there without luggage before…

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