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“Home Sweet Home” Questionnaire #15: Inma Gregorio.

Name: Inma Gregorio
Twitter: @aworldtotravel1
Website: aworldtotravel.com
Facebook: facebook.com/aworldtotravel

1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself and how your passion for travelling started.

I was fortunate enough to live some abroad experiences before becoming an adult. From then on, I started to travel as much as I could, almost every month. Once again lucky, I lived the glorious days of European low-cost airlines that allowed me to travel as much as I could in between jobs and studies. Today, I am pretty much always on the move.

2.) Where is home?

Home is and always will be Galicia, a beautiful region in the north west of Spain, featuring more than 1000km of rough coast and a not so developed tourism industry yet. I would like to keep it like that.

3.) How did you get there? Have you lived there all your life, moved there because of College or just fell in love with the city/town on one of your trips?

I was born in Ribadeo, a lively coastal town and try to come back as much as I can to visit friends and family.

4.) What does your living situation look like? Give us a brief description (city or countryside, apartment or house, messy or neat-freak, roomies, pets, plants etc.)

At the moment, my life is spread among different places in the region although I would like to get rid of some stuff to be able to travel without any attachments. When I am home, I live between my boyfriend’s and my family’s.

5.) What’s your favorite spot in your apartment or house & why?

Neither I rent or owe a house but I guess the living room is where all the social action takes place. I love to have guests and friends over.

6.) Do you prefer books or movies (plus what’s your favorite one)?

Movies. I can’t live without a daily one. Anything clever, with a good photography or OST would do. Just forget about comedies, terror, cheesy, teen or B-movies. I am more into drama, history and biographies.

7.) Where & how do you write your blog articles? Do you start with a rough draft or get right to it?

It’s been just three months since I started writing at A World to Travel so I am still trying to figure out how to proceed. Anyway, I write whenever I have some spare time. Balance between travelling and writing is not easy.

Many times inspiration comes while having some tapas or right before going to sleep. An always present little notebook keeps track of those ideas waiting to become articles.

8.) What does a perfect day in your hometown look like? What season is it? Are you inside or outdoors? Do you hang out with friends or family?

Getting up as early as I can (not a morning person), it would involve some outdoor activities in the afternoon before heading for some social time at the local tapas bars. Beach life is big in summer and there are endless hiking opportunities as well.

At the moment, I’ve just arrived from a Balkans trip and my bags need to be unpacked before my friends come over for dinner.

9.) Name three spots in your hometown, which you’d probably not find in a guidebook but you could recommend to travellers. Tell us what’s special about them.

Since my hometown is tiny, I will consider the whole region.

Loving the great nature by the Atlantic; I would recommend to pay a visit to Cies islands and Baroña ruins as well as Cathedral’s beach facing the Cantabric sea.

10.) What’s your favorite local dish (if you have one in your country/town, please tell us which one)? Can you cook it & what are the main ingredients?

Unluckily without mastering the art at all; I could still try to prepare some seafood and empanada, a tasty dish consisting in a cooked pastry filled with anything you can imagine!

11.) How much does 1 liter (or one gallon) of milk and petrol cost today?

Milk can be priced as low as 0,50€ and petrol would be 1,40€ per liter.

12.) Where are you right now, on which device to you answer this questionnaire and what shoes are you wearing (if possible please add a picture)?

At the moment I am at my boyfriend’s, writing on my laptop and barefoot. Smart phone, though, is not far away and keeps distracting me more than it should.

13.) Last but not least: What does “home” mean to you?

Not having to pack and unpack every day; the awkward necessity of cooking sometimes and a warm welcome from friends and family whenever I come back!

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