A 4-Week-Trip Through Southeast Asia

May 24, 2013 Travel 4 Comments 44,383 Views

What To Bring On A 4-Week-Trip Through Southeast Asia.

Each time we get ready for another travel adventure, we ask ourselves the same question: “What shall we pack?”. One would think it gets easier each time, but that’s – unfortunately – not true, because packing our stuff always depends on what our plans are. For example, there are essentials to bring on an Indian train-trip, which you don’t need when motorbiking though Cambodia

This time, our destination is Southeast Asia; Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia to be exact. 4 weeks on the road. From temple running in Angkor, to shopping sprees in Kuala Lumpur, from a 10-hour-volcano-jungle-trek near Bukittingi to a quite beach holiday on the Mentawai Islands – we’ve got it all planned. We’re leaving today, so our bags are packed and now it’s all down to business!

And here are our travel essentials for a 4-week trip through Southeast Asia.


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“What To Bring On A 4-Week-Trip Through Southeast Asia.”

  1. For me I started skipping my trusted 5d mark II, and relying entirely on my fuji x100s – I love how tiny it is. Obviously not as versatile as a system camera, but I shot 90% of my shots at 35mm anyhow so its perfect for me.
    Also I never go anywhere without my marino wool!

    Do you usually bring one harddisk or multiple external disks?

  2. Nisa

    Hi Michael!
    Wow, I could never travel without my 5D Mark III (or back then Mark II). It’s simply not possible, because I’d feel naked without it :)
    I usually only travel with one hard disk, because I have my laptop as a second back-up as well.
    Take care!
    Best, Nisa

  3. I love the visual you included! It’s great to see not only a detailed list, but also the accompanying photo spread of all your gear. Thanks for providing this Nisa!

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