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Kitzlochklamm – A Daytrip From Salzburg Well Worth It.

For the last couple of days we’ve been touring through South Tyrol and Austria – which btw reminded us on how beautiful Austria actually is! Anyway, coming from the Grossglockner we drove past the sign “Kitzlochklamm”, and so we spontaneously decided to check it out. As it turned out, it was well worth the detour.

This “Klamm” – or gorge as it’s called in English – is about 1.5 kilometres long with a altitude difference of about 100 meters. The path is well marked with lots of timber stairs to pass. In one section you have to walk through an old gallery where once gold was found. On the way through the gorge, you can watch thrill-seeking climbers going upwards on the steep rocks. If you’re experienced and have the right gear, you could also give it a try. But be aware, it’s definitely only for very advanced climbers. As this Klamm is a bit rocky in certain parts, it’s best to wear shoes with a good grip, so no flip-flops even in summer.

The entire walk takes about 2 – 3 hours, the shorter track only about 1 hour. If you’re in the area or are looking for a fantastic nature walk, be sure to visit the Kitzlochklamm.

  • Entrance fee: 4,50 €
  • Opening Hours: Daily  from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Getting there: By car from Salzburg about 1.5 hours (around 100 kilometres) or via train or bus (there are several ones going daily from Salzburg)
  • Address: Kitzlochklamm Straße 15, 5660 Taxenbach
  • Website:
The walkway at the Kitzlochklamm in Salzburg, Austria.
High cliffs above, water runs deep in the canyon below, Simply enjoy the sights and sounds at the Kitzlochklamm.
The walkway at the Kitzlochklamm in Salzburg, Austria.
There are about 500 steps to get up to the upper part of the Kitzlochklamm, so take that in consideration. Nevertheless: it’s definitely worth the effort!
The walkway at the Kitzlochklamm in Salzburg, Austria.
There are many gorges in the Austrian mountains, and the Kitzlochklamm is one of the best we’ve been to.
A trill-seeking climber at the Kitzlochklamm in Salzburg, Austria.
For trill-seeking climbers, the Kitzlochklamm is the perfect spot.
The underground walkway at the Kitzlochklamm in Salzburg, Austria.
The underground walkway of the Kitzlochklamm is also a pretty cool sight.
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