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Plastic Bags – A Worldwide Pollution Problem.

Plastic bottles in Bangkok, Thailand.

For us in the Western world, many problems can’t be seen straight away; there’s always a back up system to make unpleasant situations disappear – at least for one or two generations. But …

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The subway graveyard of the Atlantic.

Photo credit © Stephen Mallon.

While browsing through the magazine “PM”, I came across a really interesting article about the subways of New York and their disposal. How to get rid of them. So what do you do …

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JournalNorth America

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Photo source:

Does the name Charles J. Moore ring a bell? Probably not. And why should it? Is he a Hollywood superstar or Grammy Award winner? No. Charles Moore is an oceanographer and racing boat …

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The scars of our planet.

The forested mountains, valleys and streams that once stood here are now buried beneath the overburden from mountaintop removal coal mining. It is leveled and then sprayed with a mixture of grass seed and fertilizer - Kayford Mountain, West Virginia.

Our lifestyle encourages the lust for minerals. The industrial growing of fuel – and extractive materials interferes nature and leaves deep tracks on our earth’s surface. Earth’s treasures are unevenly spread; some lie …

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