How To Pack For A Vacation

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Close Sesame! How To Pack For A Vacation.

Every single trip start with the same question (at least for me): Where to? The answer to this question already gives you the answer, what kind of suitcase to bring. For most people an important factor is, that cloths arrive non-crease. Since this is absolutely never the case when I travel, I would like to at least try writing down the ideal way of packing for non-crease cloths.

To be on top of things.

Heavy or bulky tools should always be at the bottom. The bottom (with for example a classic hard protective case) is the place which lies the lowest as soon as you slide the trolley. Stuff your cosmetic bag next to the shoes. Don’t forget to close all your lotions, shampoos etc. with a tight screw-cap. The first aid kit (size varies on the area you’re going to visit) can either be put in that suitcase-are as well. Air holes can be stuffed with underwear or sock and this stabilizes the bulky things.

Layer look.

What’s most likely to leave at home? Another one of these questions…Unfortunately this is one, many don’t really ask themselves when getting ready for a great trip. The suitcase is full and everything is just dandy. But as soon as you pack your case to go back home, you realize there is absolutely no space for souvenirs. So, take only what you need. I mean how many shirts can you really need?! I am a woman and my closet is more that full but over the years I realized that less is more. There is no need to bring things like a hair-dryer, a roller brush or (just in case) an atlas so you don’t get lost. Ok, so back to the layers in your suitcase. The first layer should consist of resilient cloths like t-shirts, shorts and jumpers. If you roll them up, they’re less likely to wrinkle up. Towels are great as in-between layers…pff enough of this! I can’t take it any more. I can’t believe I’m writing about layers and suitcases. I want to worry about all the poisonous snakes or hungry tigers I’m going to hopefully see during my trip not this suitcase-crap ;) If you decide to spend your vacation time in Club Med or a five star hotel in Phuket, don’t hesitate to use the advice above; but if you’re up for adventure trips, go with the flow. Sooner or later you’ll realize what’s important and what not…

Personal end note/tip: Beware of the cat.

Believe me, there is nothing more frustrating than opening your suitcase after 48-hours of travelling (which included 3 different airports, three lousy flight-meals, a stiff neck from those incredibly comfortable & spacious plane-seats and one heck of a crazy taxi driver who though he’s the new Michael Schumacher) and smelling that one-of-a-kind cat piss-Eau de Toilette. Nothing I would want to experience again…

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