Kids In School Uniforms

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Kids In School Uniforms Around The Globe.

I was just browsing through our piles of photos and came across a couple of shots with kids in school uniforms. I thought they’d make a nice blog post, so here you go:

1. Vietnam.

School uniforms are compulsory all throughout Vietnam. Kids are proud to wear it, though it’s expensive for most of the parents especially if they have more kids attending school. Beside the uniform, you also have to pay the school fees, so parents are really forced to make money if they want to give their offspring a good education.

Girls in school uniform in Vietnam.
Girls in a typical school uniform in Vietnam.

2. South Africa.

As in many other former British colonies, all the South African private and public schools have a uniform.

Boy in school uniform in South Africa.
Not only does the school uniform look really nice in South Africa, but this boy is simply the cutest.

3. Indonesia.

Every student has to wear a school uniform in Indonesia. A typical school uniform consists of a white shirt and red pants or skirt. Private schools sometimes have their own uniform and they might look a bit different from these…

Kids in school uniform in Timor, Indonesia.
The school kids in Indonesia love it when you take their photo.

4. Senegal.

Since Senegal is a very poor country, school uniforms are not a must for everyone. If families can afford it, it usually just consists of a blue shirt and black pants. Otherwise you might just wear something blue to “fit it” as seen in the photo below.

School life in Senegal.
Typical school life in Senegal.

5. Cambodia.

Uniforms are now fashionable in Cambodian schools. Before, students would usually wear a white shirt and a skirt or pair of pants in blue or black.

Cambodian school uniforms.
A white shirt & pants was all you needed before…

6. India.

Schools uniforms are almost universal in India, from primary to higher-secondary level.

Kids on their way to school in Diglipur on the Andaman Islands.
Kids on their way to school in Diglipur on the Andaman Islands.

7. Ghana.

All children have to wear school uniforms in Ghana. Recently, there have been public programs through which poor families are offered financial help to buy uniforms. Over 8.000 school uniforms have been distributed by the government to needy students.

On their way home from school.
Walking home on the beach is quite nice…
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