Happy Easter

April 8, 2012 General 4 Comments 10,644 Views

Happy Easter.

Before I wish you all a happy Easter, I would like to use this opportunity to answer a question, that “haunts” me year after year:

Why eggs for Easter?

Well, first of all in the Middle Age, the egg where considered as liquid meat. But during Lent, Christians were (and still are?) not allowed to eat egg … but at the same time, the egg production b(l)ooms during this time of the year. So naturally all of these eggs had to be eaten and therefore the traditions with the Easter eggs emerged…

So anyway, I’m going to be honest … I’m not the biggest fan of all these religious holidays (yet I do enjoy a long weekend) but I still would like to wish everyone a happy Easter! Hopefully you’re enjoying Easter Sunday with family or friends … and if not (because you’re travelling or whatever), I simply wish you a great weekend :)

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“Happy Easter.”

  1. Awesome, now I finally know why there’s all this fuss about eggs during Easter :) Thanks for sharing this & happy Easter to you too.

  2. Nisa

    Thanks Ines. Hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays too :)

  3. Wow! That’s interesting. Now I know too that why eggs for Christmas. Some really cool photos (never mind they are eggs) :-)

  4. Nisa

    Hey Nikhil!
    Thanks so much for your comment! Yup, who knew that this was the reason for eggs during Easter :D
    Happy Easter & great weekend!
    Best, Nisa

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