How Not To Get Ripped Off

September 7, 2011 Travel Write a Comment 7,170 Views

Travel Tip: How Not To Get Ripped Off.

The most likely place to get ripped off (if you don’t watch out carefully) will be an airport or a train station upon arrival. You’re probably tired or worn out and that’s the stage where they get you (or at least try to).

So before you agree to anything remember: If you need a ride into the city and don’t want to spend a fortune, think like a local; almost everywhere there’s some sort of public transport to the city because most locals can’t afford a private taxi. Take a deep breath and brace yourself for another ten minutes of consideration. An airport bus, bemo or train will be available at any hour.

Look around carefully and the budget option won’t be far away. Maybe you have to walk out to the main road, but you will save at least 20 dollars; and we all know that with 20 dollars you get a lot in a third world country…

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