Travel Tip: Accommodation

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Travel Tip: Accommodation.

An important budget factor is the accommodation. Costs can pile up in huge bills without any satisfying moments. An international hotel looks the same everywhere around the globe, so if that’s what you want, go for it. If not, here’s my tip to you:

Just book yourself into a recommended guesthouse/hotel, found through the internet or friends. Check out the room before you agree to take it; say that you would like a view, a clean room, etc.; simply ask the receptionist for something in particular and they will show you a better room anyway. Also, ask for a discount if you stay more nights (or if it’s low season) and if breakfast is included…

The reward for booking a local (but of course not filthy!) guesthouse/hotel, especially if you intend to stay more than one night, is that the local community around the place will reward you with “hellos”, “good mornings” and “good nights mister”. They will know you after the first day and will happily be willing to assist you in the search of sim cards, supermarkets, a great place to eat and so on.

Don’t throw your money into some international hotel sharks mouth; rather feed the local community with your hard earned dollar. As I said before, they will response with the greatest smiles in the world.

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