Takoradi Beach

September 5, 2011 Ghana 3 Comments 19,511 Views

Walking Along Takoradi Beach In Ghana, Africa.

Takoradi is the capital of the state “Western Region” of Ghana. It is Ghana’s fourth largest city and an industrial and commercial center. Takoradi has a lot of beautiful beaches and it’s great to see the people there.

We had a hotel right next to one of these nice beaches. Mornings and late afternoons were the right time to spot people on their way to work, school or home. The reason I wanted to post photos of these men & women is simple: they carry all the goods an their head! Balancing is a must, muscles a plus ;)

So here are a couple of shots:

Colorful Ghana.
Instead of a handbag, African women carry their goods on their heads.
Carrying goods back home.
Carrying firewood back home on Takoradi beach.
Two men on their way home.
Two men on their way home.
Heavy stuff this man has to carry...
Heavy stuff this man has to carry…
Children also help out their families...
Children also help out their families.
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“Walking Along Takoradi Beach In Ghana, Africa.”

  1. Angelika

    Awesome pics. Would be the right place at the moment – it’s raining buckets here. ;-)

  2. Wow, they all carry things on their head. I am awed by their sense of balance. :D
    Very beautiful captured photos. I like this blog.

  3. Thanks you two for your comments!
    @Angelika: Same rainy scene here ;) @Oridusartic: Yup, their sense of balance is quite something…Thanks for your lovely words ;)

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