Capture The Colour

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Capture The Colour.

I was recently asked by Ken Kaminesky to take part in the photography competition “Capture the Colour” by travelsupermarket.

First of all, thanks Ken! I’m gonna be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of photo competitions … for various reasons: Usually it’s just all about spreading the word or making some money … and unfortunately that’s the main goal behind a lot of these competitions. Also, the winners are very often selected before. I mean, I understand that people see photos differently but sometimes I think that the judges don’t even look through all of the submitted images. And not to forget, most of the time there’s not a real “challenge”. Sure, there are different categories (like portrait or landscape, etc.) but honestly … that gets boring, don’t you think?

“Capture the Colour” is different (at least I hope); there are actual judges, who really know what they’re doing. The judges are well-known travel bloggers/photographers:

You can read more about the competition and find out how to enter at the competition page. So anyway, since I like a challenge and I’m a passionate photographer myself, I’m entering … which is what this post is all about. The photos I chose are strong and vivid with lots of heart and soul (at least I think so). Let’s go for it:


Whether you’re at a market in Italy, China, Bangladesh or Laos … it’s always a colorful & eye-opening experience. And this is why markets are one of my favorite photo subjects.

It’s best to get there early in the morning with all the hustle and bustle and the meat and fish section is one where all the action happen …

Red - Fish at a market in Gangtok, India.
Red – Fish at a market in Vientiane, Laos.

As you may know, Austria is my home. It’s a small country in the middle of Europe but it has lots to offer.Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall; all seasons are great to visit … it just depends on what you’re looking for.

The photo I chose was taken in late January and it’s truly Austria at it’s best. The winter months can be tough and harsh but if the sun comes out, nature turns into an amazing winter wonderland. For hours you can walk through unspoilt areas without internet or cell phone reception but you’re rewarded with fresh air and a stunning view. No need for anything else.

White - Winter wonderland in Austria.
White – Winter wonderland in Austria.

Africans love bright colours. Cloths, cars, boats, coffins or walls are used as canvases. This blue wall might have not stood out by itself but the little boy washing himself in front of it, made it … perfect.

Blue - Boy and the blue wall in Accra, Ghana.
Blue – Boy and the blue wall in Accra, Ghana.

The photo below shows a lonely worker in the rice fields neat Lake Logtak in India. At first I thought that he was a poor old bugger because he was the only one working on that day. But after browsing through all of the taken photos from that day, I remembered that he also radiated complete calmness. And this is what the colour Green stands for.

Green - Wokring in the rive fields of Manipur, India.
Green – Working in the rive fields of Manipur, India.

Walking through the Viennese woods last fall was a real colour explosion! Red, Orange, Brown and of course Yellow dominated in such a way that it almost looked unreal. You could feel (and see) that nature and its residents were getting ready for a tough winter season.

Yellow - The Viennese Woods in Austria.
Yellow – The Viennese Woods in Austria.

My nominations:

Dario Endara – One of the best travel photographers out there.

Yomadic – Nate tells great stories with wonderful images.

The Big Africa Cycle – I love what you’re doing Pete and I love your photos just as much!

Mitchell K Photos – I feel connected to every photo you upload. Amazing stuff!

Ingetje Tadros – Even though we’ve never met, I feel like we understand each other … and of course your images are simply stunning!

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“Capture The Colour.”

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