Sydney's Beaches

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Sydney And Its Famous Beaches.

It’s been a while that we’ve visited Australia but the world is simply too large for one life. We’re always planning to return as soon as possible, but then another country catches our interest … Still, we have to say that Sydney was one of our best “city experiences”.

As we have relatives living over there, we’re always able to stay in their house as a base. It’s a real privilege, but even if you don’t have family or friends to stay with, you’ll find lots of great accommodation in Sydney – either right next to one of the many famous beaches, or in the city centre … whatever you prefer. Anyway, we were lucky to live close to the world-famous Bondi Beach – the beach every tourist heads to. It’s a 2 km long half moon bay, with white sand and blue water. So as Bondi was right in front of our doorsteps, we went there quite often. Not necessarily to go for a swim but more so to watch the people and scenes. On weekends the beach is fully crowded. Lifeguards are always monitoring the area and quite often the unaware tourist – sometimes after drinking a bit too much – runs into trouble when the current is too strong and they get sucked out into the open sea. Then the lifeguards step in. These guys (and gals) exercise every movement of a rescue operation very precisely, so that when an incident occurs, they can save lives within seconds.

Restaurant Tip:
  • The “Noodle King” serves quick and cheap Asian noddles. It is located on 126 Campbell Parade just metres away from Bondi Beach. We’ve always had great food their and of the chef hasn’t changed, it should still be the case.

Sydney has about 200 beaches; one nicer than the other. The Eastern Suburbs have some of the most prominent ones: As mentioned, Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Coogee and Maroubra. To see all of them a real must-do is the Sydney Coastal Walk where you will pass all of the mentioned beaches. Another very famous beach is Mainly on the North Shore. Not only the beach itself is great there but also the shopping. Take the ferry there and you’re excursion trip is perfectly complete :)

Whichever beach you choose, be sure to come prepared! Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. The Australian sun is very strong and a bad sunburn comes easy, especially when just arrived with a heavy jet-lag.

If you’re not a beach bum but still want to enjoy the scenes, you could simply walk along the Eastern Suburbs walking trail (coast trail). You’ll cross all the beaches and it’s a great photo opportunity. You’ll pass Waverley cemetery, where some of the very early settlers are buried. Beautiful tombstones and a sometimes amazing wildlife can be found on this cemetery.

Sydney is good at any given day and you’ll need weeks/months to explore it all. It’s a good way to do so with public transport because it’s cheap and reliable … or you can rent a bicycle from one of the many shops around. If you stay longer you could even buy one at a garage sale – vintage so rocks! So anyway, I’d really suggest to stay in a place near the Eastern Suburbs and simply wander around from there. offers great deals and places in the area and as already said, getting around is very very smooth.

Sexy lifeguards at Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia.
Sexy lifeguards at Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia.
Croweded Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia.
Bondi beach is crowed almost every day of the year.
Lifeguards in Maroubra, Sydney.
The lifeguards at Maroubra beach train to stay fit in case of an emergency.
Crowded Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.
On weekends, the beaches of Sydney are of course more packed.
Enjoying a sunny day in the ocean near Bondi beach, Sydney.
Enjoying a sunny day in the ocean near Bondi beach, Sydney.
Walking along the sculpture walk in Sydney.
Walking along the Sculpture Walk in Sydney is a real highlight.
Sculpture walk along the cost in Sydney, Australia.
Sculpture walk along the cost in Sydney offers many interesting sights.

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