Sydney Coastal Walk

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Sydney Coastal Walk: Bondi To Coogee Beach.

An absolute must for every Sydney visitor: the Bondi to Coogee walk (or vice versa as I did it) – also known as the famous Coastal Walk. It extends for about 6 kilometres in one of Sydney’s nicest areas, the eastern Suburbs. The walk features 5(-6) famous Sydney beaches, stunning views, parks, cliffs, bays and rock pools. Depending on how fit you are (and how often you stop for photos), the Bondi to Coogee Beach walk will take between one and two hours. Add another hour and a half if you choose to continue to Maroubra.

Coogee to Bondi Beach.

Since my aunt and cousin live very close to Coogee beach, I started from here at around 6.00am (yup, I was still a bit jet-lagged). From there it was just a short walk towards Clovelly beach. I passed Waverley cemetery – also well worth a visit – and then continued towards Bronte beach. Pretty steep stairs will lead you down to one of my favourite Sydney beaches where I spent at least 30 minutes taking photos and watching the surfers near the rock pool (it was a pretty rough day, which made watching even more exiting).

Then I walked up the stairs on the other end of the beach to continue to Tamarama beach, which is right around the corner. It was early in the morning but there was quite a lot of action happening town there because someone had drowned just minutes before I arrived. Yes, Bronte and Tamarama have super strong currents and unfortunately quite a few people drown here each year my aunt told me. Mostly they’re tourist who misinterpret the currents and waves.

Heading towards Bondi beach, I passed by Mackenzie’s Point beach, which is only accessible at low tide and not recommended for swimming – but surfers love catching a wave here. The walk then ended at the iconic Bondi Icebergs, just above the Bondi Baths at the southern end of the beach. Personally, I don’t know what all the Bondi beach fuss is all about, but tourist tend to love this beach the most…

Then I just sat down on a park bench, let the sun shine upon my face and simply enjoyed beautiful Sydney…

Don’t Miss This.
  • Each year in spring, a section of this amazing coastal walk is transformed into a seaside art gallery known as Sculpture by the Sea. Don’t miss this spectacular show which is really unique.
Sydney Coastal Walk.
The Sydney Coastal Walk is a highlight not only for tourist. Local walkers and runners use it on a daily basis and also as a reminder of how lucky they are to live in such a wonderful city!
Swimming pool at Icebergs, Bondi beach | Sydney Coastal Walk.
The ocean pool at Icebergs next to Bondi Beach has been a swimming institution for over 100 years.
Not a bad place to do some yoga ... View of Bondi beach | Sydney Coastal Walk.
Not a bad place to do some yoga, right next to Bondi Beach.
Surfers | Sydney Coastal Walk.
Surfers and Sydney go hand in hand. Sydney as many legendary surf breaks, including Bronte and Tamarama, yet these waves are nothing for beginners.
Bronte beach during sunrise | Sydney Coastal Walk.
Bronte Beach is a small but popular recreational beach on Nelson Bay in Bronte in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and one of my personal favourite beaches.
Whether you want to do some yoga, catch a few waves, swim in one of the many ocean pools, work out a little, or simply lie in the sun, the beaches in Sydney are the best to do so.
Whether you want to do some yoga, catch a few waves, swim in one of the many ocean pools, work out a little, or simply lie in the sun, the beaches in Sydney are the best to do so.
Bronte beach during sunrise | Sydney Coastal Walk.
Bronte beach lies between Coogee and Bondi beach. A paved coastal footpath along the rocky clifftops connect them and are much frequented by tourists, local runners and walkers.
Waverley Cemetery | Sydney Coastal Walk.
Waverley Cemetery is noted for its largely intact Victorian and Edwardian monuments and it contains the graves of many significant Australians.
Surfers at Bronte beach | Sydney Coastal Walk.
If you want to surf at one of the beaches of the Easters Suburbs, you need to be patient. The simple pleasure gained from one good turn, a cover up, or the chance to meditate upon the day, belies the stark reality of crowded line-ups, localism, injuries, and competition for waves.


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“Sydney Coastal Walk: Bondi To Coogee Beach.”

  1. Oh those sunrise shots of Bronte Beach are lovely! The water is just glowing, love the photo of the surfer checking out the waves, beautiful light.

  2. Nisa

    Thanks Aubrey! Bronte is definitely one of my favourite Sydney beaches…

  3. I’m currently on the Gold Coast and will be heading to Sydney in about a months time, this made me wish it would come sooner!
    I’ve heard sooo much about the coastal walks and how beautiful they are, seeing your photos has made me desperate to get there and see it for myself!

  4. Nisa

    Hi Abbie! Glad you found the photos inspiring :) I find the coastal walk one of the real highlights in Sydney and an absolute must – after all, Sydney is famous for its beaches and you’ll get to see them all this way. I was lucky because my aunt lives just around the corner, so this was the perfect morning walk.
    Enjoy the rest of your time on the Gold Coast – not a bad place to spend the next couple of weeks either :)

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