Top 5 Sights In Berlin

December 14, 2013 Germany 6 Comments 34,959 Views

Top 5 Sights To Photograph In Berlin At Night.

Honestly, Berlin in winter is not one of the nicest cities in the world (therefore chose your hotel very wisely as I did too). It’s cold, dull, rundown in certain parts and a huge construction sight. It’s a grey city crammed with history and the chill of winter. At least until the sun sets, because then Berlin turns into a hip place with massive and striking buildings.

But just because of the points mentioned above, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit! The 5 sights mentioned below were my personal favourite during our trip. Sure, most of them (actually all of them) are pretty obvious, but as said, Berlin’s landmarks can be pretty darn impressive during night…

1. Brandenburger Gate.
The Brandenburger Gate in Berlin.
The Brandenburger Gate in Berlin – With its massive structure, the Brandenburger Gate is well-known around the world.
2. Berlin Cathedral.
Berlin Cathedral.
Berlin Cathedral – Both during day and night, this structure is very impressive, yet the light installation during night makes it stand out even more.
3. Reichstag Building.
Reichstag Building in Berlin.
Reichstag Building in Berlin – Be sure to check our the inside as well (but don’t forget to register in advance, otherwise the waiting time is forever!)
4. Reichstagskuppel.
Reichtagskuppel in Berlin.
Reichtagskuppel in Berlin – Definitely one of the highlights during our trip, but it took us two days to get in because when we first came, the Reichskuppel was closed due to bad weather.
5. Alexanderplatz.
Alexanderplatz with its famous TV Tower, Berlin
Alexanderplatz with its famous TV Tower, Berlin – This was the view from our hotel room. We also went up the tower, but again, due to heavy snow, we didn’t see a thing.
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“Top 5 Sights To Photograph In Berlin At Night.”

  1. Great spots. Just went there over the weekend, and yes, it’s not the prettiest city during a winter day! Love your night shots.

  2. Hey Corinne,
    Hope you still enjoyed your stay there & thanks for your lovely words :)
    Wishing you amazing Holidays!
    Best, Nisa

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Good to see your photos and I love the design of your blog.I really enjoyed photographing at the Brandenburg Gate while I was in Berlin and also by the bars at the Hackescher Markt.

  4. Nisa

    Thanks for your lovely words Stuart! I really appreciate it :)

  5. I just discovered your blog and I already love it! The photos are amazing. Berlin looks so pretty at night. Love the pictures, especially the Brandenburger Gate. Glad I found your blog! :)

  6. Nisa

    Thanks Nita – wow we’ve got a pretty similar name :)
    I have to say that the Brandenburger was pretty impressive at night. More impressive than during the day. And the Berlin Cathedral as well. Both those sights were my favourite to photograph.

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