One Month Through New Zealand

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My One-Month Travel Route Through New Zealand.

A while ago, I decided to book a ticket to Australia & New Zealand in February and March 2014, without having a clue if I would even be able to travel during that period (I do have a job you know)… But, I needed something big to look forward to, so nothing stopped me from drawing my credit card.

I have 28 full days in New Zealand. This means that I’m on a pretty tight schedule, cause I want to see a lot (plus I’ll be travelling in the footsteps of LOTR)! After all, the distance between Vienna and Auckland is 17.841 kilometres/11.086 miles (!) so who knows when I’ll fly down there again. Usually this kind of tight planning gives me the creeps even before the trip starts, but not this time… Ok, that’s a lie, I hate being on a schedule! But since February is high season in Kiwi land, a lot of things need to be pre-booked.

Right now, the plan is as follows:
  • Arrival from Sydney in Auckland on 21st February 2014
  • Auckland – Cathedral Cove – Matamata (Hobbiton)
  • Matamata – Tongariro National Park (via Lake Taupo)
  • Tongariro National Park – Cape Palliser (including the Putangirua Pinnacles)
  • Cape Palliser – Wellington
  • Wellington – Picton (via Cook Strait)
  • Picton – Nelson Lakes National Park
  • Nelson Lakes National Park – Christchurch
  • Christchurch – Rangitata Valley (Mount Sunday)
  • Rangitata Valley – Franz Josef Glacier (via Arthur’s Pass)
  • Franz Josef Glacier – Queenstown
  • Queenstown – Milford Track (4 days of trekking)
  • Milford Sound – Queenstown
  • Queenstown – Lake Tekapo
  • Lake Tekapo – Christchurch
  • Departure from Christchurch to Sydney on March 22nd 2014
My One-Month Travel Route Through New Zealand. I’m focusing on the South island for my first trip to NZ due to the amazing landscape.

28 days & 3.750km by myself, with my 4×4 car, road map, trekking gear and of course my camera equipment. So looking forward to this adventure!

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“My One-Month Travel Route Through New Zealand.”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand! And it looks like you’re going to see eeeeeverything. I can’t wait for the pictures!

  2. Nisa

    Thanks Isa!
    I’m pretty excited already!
    And I will definitely try to write as many posts as possible when on the road, so that everyone can be a part of the journey :)
    Best, Nisa

  3. Nisa

    Thanks Quyen, it’s definitely gonna be the trip of a lifetime!
    I’m there from 21st Feb – 22nd of March, so you can come join me any time :D
    Best, Nisa

  4. Nisa

    Unfortunately I won’t make it there Gareth … I’m on such a tight schedule already, but I’ll definitely come again & then Dunedin is on the top of my list :)

  5. Gareth

    With time short and you’re obviously keen to see the LOTR sites, so I understand the route – you’re missing out on beaches but you’ll certainly be seeing some [mountain] scenery! I recommend the the Tongariro crossing if you can – it’s great.

    Plenty of the LOTR sites are chosen for filming convenience, so a lot of NZers are pretty unexcited by them – there’s plenty more scenic spots :-) I grew up near Matamata & Coromandel, so find it hard to see what the fuss is all about.

    Bring a coat for down south – we’re having the wettest summer in years.

    Feel free to email me if you have any ‘local knowledge’ questions. :-)

  6. Nisa

    Hey Gareth!

    Thanks so much for your comment!
    True, I’m very keep on seeing a lot of LOTR sights. I guess as a first-timer in New Zealand, it’s a pretty good start to get an impression of the country. The Tongariro Crossing is high on my list and I will do it for sure. As with beaches, I would love to go up North as well, but I simply don’t have the time to do so…will be on my list for my next visit :)

    Thanks also for the weather tips – much appreciated!

    Take care & all the best,

  7. Sumu

    Please get in touch if you’re in Wellington for very long – would love to meet you and show you the sights of our humble city!
    Sumu xx

  8. This itinerary looks amazing! I am hoping to be going to New Zealand next February / March so I will be eager to see your photos and your review of places you have gone! Unfortunately, I will only have about 2 weeks, so I’ll be interested to see which places are your favorites. Enjoy your road trip!

  9. Hey Bridget!
    I’M right in the middle of my trip and so far it has been absolutely amazing!!! I love this country already & I already have a list of things I will do during my next visit (hopefully this time next year again).
    Two weeks is really not that much, so you should decide between the North or South island first – you want to go hiking here or do you have other plans?
    Hopefully more of my post will give you a good impression :)
    Best, Nisa

  10. Debapriyo

    I still remember the first scene from the first trailer of LOTR FOTR I was fortunate enough to come across. And that was some 11 to 12 years ago and I was in High School. Since then the only country I vowed I would visit before I die, was and still is New Zealand.

    I am extremely happy for you, and at the same time cant stop envying you too (:P). I sincerely wish you have a wonderful trip.

    This Friday I am about to embark on a 3 city trip PRAGUE > VIENNA > BUDAPEST with my office colleagues. And while searching for Points of Interest in Vienna (to be squeezed in a 24 hour schedule, which includes nightlife) I came across your blog. I must say am very impressed with both the site design as well as your photography. Keep up the good work, and continue making this world a smaller place :)


  11. Heya Debapriyo!
    You know if I imagine NZ 11 years ago, I wouldn’t think that a lot has changed…but that’s just my impression because it seems like time stands still here.
    So far my trip has been amazing and I can’t wait to explore more of this stunning country – which btw has made it to my top 3 all-time-fav-countries to visit :)
    Hope you’ll enjoy Vienna, Prague and Budapest – three cities I love very much. Prague is one of my favourite European cities & I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much!
    Take care & all the best,

  12. Wow, that is quite an itinerary, Nisa. My partner & I emigrated here just over two years ago now and while we have seen a lot, fitting so much into 28 days is impressive – I hope you get to see a lot but don’t feel too rushed. Looking forward to your photos – the photos on your blog are amazing, as are the photos letstravelsomewhere – Wow!

  13. Nisa

    Hi Rich!

    Thanks for your lovely words about the photos! And I love the fact that you know too – Makes me proud ;)

    Where about in NZ do you live?

    These 28 days in new Zealand where the best I ever had!
    Before I started the trip, I was also a bit concerned that I would be stressed just because I squeezed in a lot. But I have to admit that it didn’t feel like it at any point during the trip. I always tried to have time for chilling in between. For example I spend 4 full days in the Rangitata Valley or a week in Queenstown (including the Milford Track). That was really good. But I have a lot of other areas/places I want to see during my next NZ trip – which will hopefully happen next year again…

    Take care!
    Best, Nisa

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