Travel Plans For Summer 2014

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My Travel Plans For Summer 2014.

Summer is approaching fast, so my travel plans are in need of verification; means flights need to be booked and visas need to be applied as soon as possible.

Starting Point.

My starting point this year will be Bangkok, not because I love Bangkok that much, but rather because a friend of mine is a flight attendant and I can accompany her for a mere fraction of what a ticket would normally cost. These kind of friends are the best, aren’t they? All together I’ll have 6 to 7 weeks until I meet my friend (the flight attendant) in Beijing again to fly back home.

Second Stop.

The idea is to fly to Dhaka from Bangkok, where you get your visa arrival for 25 US$ – means no hassle with embassy visits. After a couple of days here, I’ll continue to Chittagong by train for another visit to the ship breaking yard. We’ve been here two years ago already and it’s one of the most interesting places you could ever travel to. After Chittagong I’ll continue to the Rangamati hills. Visiting the tribal people are on my priority list, as well as a bit of trekking, cruising on Kaptai Lake, visiting local markets and relaxing in harmony with nature.

The way back to Dhaka will be on a cruise on the Buriganga river, while watching the life along the river banks, followed by a visit to the local wet markets in Dhaka (missed out on this last time).

Always Indo.

After Bangladesh I really think I deserve a bit of beach & sunshine I found out that in Raja Ampat, West Papua, an initiative has been set up where local families build rooms and bungalows for visitors, providing them with 3 meals a day when no other option is available. we’ve been to Raja Ampat before, it’s an amazing area, still very unspoilt and very tranquil with the most stunning underwater life you could ever imagine! I’ll stay for about two weeks for a real beach vacation – including a bit of boat and jungle adventure…

Last Stop.

After Indonesia and fully relaxed, it will take a couple of flights until I arrive in Kunming, China. This will be my stepping off point for a visit to the Honghe Hani Rice terraces, a newly added UNESCO World heritage site, which has 1.200 years of history. I’ve read about this area since some years and I’m really looking forward to tick it off my bucket list. And if there’s still time, I will try to visit the Guoliang Tunnel Road in the Henan Province as well.

Well and then, after almost 7 weeks on the road, travelling time is coming to an end. But there’s always time for a little bit of shopping in Guangzhou before taking the high speed train to Beijing, where my journey comes to an end with the flight back to Vienna.


What do you think? Good route? Should I change something? Does anyone have a more exciting option for my summer holidays? I’m open and happy for some other suggestions and still have a bit of time to change my itinerary…

My summer travel plans will take me to four countries in Southeast Asia.
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“My Travel Plans For Summer 2014.”

  1. Wow! It sounds like quite the intrepid itinerary. I would love to do all of these things…have fun!

  2. Nisa

    Yup, quite a trip. But we’re looking forward to is already :) Take care!

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