The Home Of Robin Hood

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Nottingham: The Home Of Robin Hood.

I bet that 99% you will connect Nottingham with the legend around Robin Hood. As did I, but during our stay there, it turned out that there’s much more to this city than just a guy in tight spanks.

Not too long ago, we decided to travel up North again to visit friends in London. Since we’ve never been outside of the capital, and we had long weekend ahead of us, a trip to the inland of England was on our agenda.

Scanning The Map.

I’ve always wanted to travel to Scotland, but time was too short to head up this far, so Nottingham caught out attention when scanning the map. An hour later, we were on our way. I always thought that distances in the UK are a lot greater but after only three hours of driving (we would have made it in two but getting out of London during rush hour put us a bit behind schedule), we reached our desired destination.

A Weekend In Nottingham.

Nottingham is a dynamic place with big-city aspirations, atmospheric historical sights, and a buzzing music and club scene thanks to the thriving student life.

Nottingham’s old city centre is a highlight and home to several important attractions like Nottingham’s Old Market Square (the largest in England btw). Nottingham Castle gives you an excellent view of the city and is notable for its bronze statues of Robin Hood. Numerous caves exist underneath Nottingham, including the spectacular Mortimer’s Hole located directly below the castle. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see this for whatever reason. I guess a little more research in advance would have been helpful. Then there’s also Highfields Park, a large park full of magnificent trees, exotic plants and a great place for outdoor activities like boating.

Nottingham was definitely an exciting weekend trip. Hopefully we’ll get to come here again – with nice weather (it was raining about 80% of the time we were there) to really enjoy all the sights.

Forever associated with the Robin Hood legend, Nottingham is a dynamic county capital with big-city aspirations, atmospheric historical sights, and a buzzing music and club scene.
There are lots of opportunities to experience something totally new. With dozens of trails around the city and county, exploring this heritage is a great deal, since it’s free!
Nottingham is one of the most popular weekend destinations in the United Kingdom.
There are many things that can be done in Nottingham, yet we decided to simply walk around this lovely city and enjoy the typical British way of living.
The red brick of Nottingsham’s building are really beautiful and definitely caught our camera-eye.
Nottingham is a thriving city in the heart of England and home to around 750.000 people. Still it has been named the eighth worst place to live in England…
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