Milford Track Day 3

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Milford Track Day 3: Quintin Lodge To Sandfly Point & Mitre Peak Lodge.

Day 3 is the longest walking day (kilometre wise). Most of the track is pretty even though. The hike includes a number of beautiful waterfalls, bridges and crystal-clear creeks.

Key Facts, Milford Track Day 3.

  • Length: 21 km
  • Time: 6-8 hours
  • Highlight: Mackay Falls & taking a dip in the ice-cold water at the Giant Gate Falls

You’ll reach Mackay Falls (the most photographed place in all of New Zealand) and Lake Ada before hiking past the last waterfall on the track, the Giant Gate Falls. I couldn’t help myself and went in for a little swim. The water was ice-cold and I felt like a million needles pinched me, but afterwards I was re-born with superwomen powers and ready to finish the track. From here it took about one and a half hours to Sandfly Point. It’s a well deserved name, so be sure your have enough insect repellent ready.

Once you reach the accommodation at Milford Sound you’ll have a superb view of Mitre Peak (again, if the weather allows it).

Milford Track, Day By Day Itinerary.

The landscape you’ll experience during Milford Track reminded me of the one in Jurassic Park.
The Mackay Falls are a wishbone-shaped waterfall on Milford Track. While lacking in height and power, it’s a welcome sight after going for a long stretch without seeing a major waterfall in Arthur Valley.
The fog lifted just after we started walking and what we got was one one of the most amazing landscape we’ve come across so far.
Day 3 of Milford Track meant the crossing of several suspension bridges.
One minute we walked through open fields, the next through a moss covered rain forest.
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“Milford Track Day 3: Quintin Lodge To Sandfly Point & Mitre Peak Lodge.”

  1. Hi Nisa,
    I’ve just come across your blog for the first time, your photos are incredible. I’m from New Zealand (although based in Europe at the moment), and your NZ photos make me particularly homesick!
    I’m curious to know: what’s your preferred way to back up your photos when you’re travelling light and/or in remote places? I found it a bit tricky (and had a near-disaster) when travelling in Central America, so I’m interested to hear how you manage it.

  2. Nisa

    Hello Susy!

    Thank you so much for your lovely words, appreciate it a lot :)

    NZ was one of my favourite travel destinations ever. It’s also a country I could really see myself moving to (I love Austria and until NZ I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, so that means quite a lot). I hope to visit NZ again in the near future to explore more of it.

    To your question: I usually back up my photos twice: once on my laptop and then on an external hard-drive (minimum 2TB). Travelling light is always good, but camera gear is heavy and I rather carry a couple of grams/kilos more and am safe in case something happens. I don’t like cloud back-ups, also because internet connection is not always available. Of course, if someone would steal my stuff, then that would be a disaster, but luckily that have never happened (fingers crossed).

    Take care!

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