Travelling With Friends

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Travelling With Friends.

Lovebirds want to lie under a palm tree, slurp coconut juice and want t­­o forget everything around them. Adventurers need wildlife, trekking & no cell phone reception. Culture fans want to ponder about monuments and sleep in a museum. Luxury vacationists want sparkling champagne and hummer for breakfast. Social travellers want to sit next to a bonfire playing “Blowing in the wind” on their guitar. All of this is fine, as long as theses kind of people don’t decide to spend their vacation together.

Summer, sun, sunscreen and struggle.

If two people go on vacation together it can end badly. The more people travel together, the more problems they have in their suitcases. Leading the way are all the expectations. One should really think about whom to bring and whom to leave at home. The more the merrier? I don’t think so. Here are a few travel types, with I personally have had the pleasure of sharing a trip with.

The orderly person.

This person likes travelling in a group but at the same time visualizes everyone going the “crocodile style”. Rules and perfect time management are a high priority. There is no such thing as “meaning” or “understanding” for individualists. As warden he represents cultivated boredom. If travelling by bus, be sure to sit on your same seat for the rest of the trip. On the contrary – you will always be on time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The success-oriented person.

Life is a competition all the time. He knows what’s going on in his job and this is also the case when he’s on vacation.  Unable to disconnect for even a minute, he also always needs a new challenge. In between climbing a higher mountain he’ll ring the office to check if everything is ok. Relaxing? No way!

The sightseeing person.

Rome. How many churches are there? Definitely not enough for this traveller; running from one landmark to the next without a single break. Bring good shoes because this one is a runner. If you’re travelling with this fella’ you really ought to think about your friendship before. Be sure that you’re on the same level; otherwise the trip can end just before it started.

The conflict avoidance person.

Peace and fellowship. We all love & care for each other. This one doesn’t like to say no, unless someone wants to start an argument. He tries to avoid any kind of conflict, even though he might throw himself off a cliff. He’s in a boat with everyone – also if it sinks because of this. His only concern is that he doesn’t want to burden anyone.

My tip.

Well, by now you should know that travelling with other people isn’t always easy. As I said, make sure you’re on the same level before you board the plane. This can save everyone a lot of time, money and nerves!

Now tell me, what kind of traveller are you?
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“Travelling With Friends.”

  1. Angelika

    Haha, you made my day! Funnily enough, I know them all quite well! And don’t we know them all somehow? ;-)) Thankfully, I’m an uncomplicated person. ^^

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