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“Home Sweet Home” Questionnaire #2: Nisa Maier.

Name: Nisa Maier
Twitter: @cookiesound
Website: cookiesound.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cookiesound

1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself and how your passion for travelling started.

My passion for travelling started pretty much the moment I was born. My parents travelled trough Africa many times before and I guess they thought that it would be a good start (for my travelling career) to bring me along. So I was not even a year old when we took off on a journey across the black continent. Ever since then, I’ve been a travel-junkie. I was really lucky to see so many countries & places before the time I went to high school and until today only one continent (Antarctica) is missing on my list :)

On a ferry in Indonesia back in 1995.
On a ferry in Indonesia back in 1995.

Today I’m 25 years old and still exploring far away areas of our planet. But … things have changed a bit. Since I haven’t won the lotto yet, I have to work for a living and that makes travelling more special & a real luxury…

2.) Where is home?

Vienna & Tullnerbach, Austria.

3.) How did you get there? Have you lived there all your life, moved there because of College or just fell in love with the city/town on one of your trips?

Well, I grew up in Africa, lived in Australia, studies in California & have been travelling all my life … but I always returned home to Tullnerbach. My parents grew up in Vienna but moved out to the country at an early age. I’ve been living in Tullnerbach until I was 22 and then I moved to Vienna. So now I consider both of these places as my home (even tough I would really like to move back out into the country at some point).

4.) What does your living situation look like? Give us a brief description (city or countryside, apartment or house, messy or neat-freak, roomies, pets, plants etc.)

I live in an apartment in the 13th district of Vienna, right next to the Lainzer Tiergarten. For a city, this area is still very “country-like” and that’s what I love about it. I could never see myself living in the center because I grew up right in the Viennese woods, so therefore I need trees around me.

I’m not really a neat-freak but I like it clean and tidy. This can be hard at times because I have two cats who make a mess as soon as you leave a room. But it’s all good. They’re good company apart from my better half ;)

5.) What’s your favorite spot in your apartment or house & why?

Living room – ’cause it’s always cozy & warm. And of course the kitchen – because I love food & cooking.

6.) Do you prefer books or movies (plus what’s your favorite one)?

I have about 1.500 DVD’s & Blu Rays … so I guess that says it all. No just kidding. I mean yes, I have those DVD’s but I love reading good literature. I’m a little book rat but I’m a huge movie freak as well. I guess balance is the key.

I'm so proud of my movie collection.
I’m so proud of my movie collection.

7.) Where & how do you write your blog articles? Do you start with a rough draft or get right to it?

Haha, mostly at work. Or at home in my living room. I usually try to get right through it but it depends on the article and how much research has to be done…

8.) What does a perfect day in your hometown look like? What season is it? Are you inside or outdoors? Do you hang out with friends or family?

I’m gonna be honest … when I’m at home, a perfect day means that everything is done (this means that the apartment is clean, the fridge is full and the washing is hung up). I don’t have to go to work & I can enjoy a lovely day outdoors with friends or family. Of course I have my camera with me to capture special moments. At least this is what I’d do in summer. In winter I’d just like to enjoy a “Punsch” & “Maroni”at a “Christkindlmarkt” with the same people…

9.) Name three spots in your hometown, which you’d probably not find in a guidebook but you could recommend to travellers. Tell us what’s special about them.

1.) Lainzer Tiergarten/Nikolaitor: I’m a huge nature fan. And Vienna is a big city, so if you ever feel like getting out (but not really getting out) the Lainzer Tiergarten is the right spot for you. You’ll find it in any guide book but there are many entrances (the most famouse one is near the “Hermesvilla“). I’d suggest to go to the “Nikolaitor” in the 13th district. It won’t be overrun and you won’t even believe you’re still in Vienna. If you walk for about 1 hour, you’ll come to the “Wienblick” where you can see the entire city (depending on the weather).

When walking trough the Lainzer Tiergarten, you won't believe you're still in Vienna.
When walking trough the Lainzer Tiergarten, you won’t believe you’re still in Vienna.

2.) Gasthaus zum Lustigen Radfahrer: This “Gasthaus” is one of the few really old fashioned Viennese restaurants. It’s situated in Rohrbacherst. 21 in the 13th district. The owner has been working there all his life with his mother as the kitchen chef. Great atmosphere, great staple food.

3.) Café Phil: This place in the Gumpendorterstr 10 in the 6th district of Vienna is a combination of a coffee house, book store, furniture shop and bar. What’s special about it is that you can buy all the inventory (which is a combination of old-school, used, retro & modern).

10.) What’s your favorite local dish (if you have one in your country/town, please tell us which one)? Can you cook it & what are the main ingredients?

Wiener Schnitzl. Yes I can cook it & I absolutely love it ;) All you need is a pork or chicken filet, eggs, flour and breadcrumbs. As a side dish you can either make a potato salad or rice. Yummy!

11.) How much does 1 liter (or one gallon) of milk and petrol cost today?

I only buy organic milk and that costs 1,19 € per liter. Petrol is a bit cheaper at the moment, so you “only” have to pay 1,32 € per liter.

12.) Where are you right now, on which device to you answer this questionnaire and what shoes are you wearing (if possible please add a picture)?

Again, at work (typing on my PC). Shoes? Well, due to the weather situation I decided to wear my boots today.

My boots are made for walking...
My boots are made for walking…

13.) Last but not least: What does “home” mean to you?

Well, home means many things for me: Security, comfort, family, friends, love, life & reality. I really love travelling and I wish I could travel all the time. But as tempting as this may sound, a home is something I need too. Travelling can be exhausting (since travelling & vacation are two very different things), so it’s nice to come home to a place and relax a bit. But as soon as I am home, I look forward to my next trip again…

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““Home Sweet Home” Questionnaire #2: Nisa Maier.”

  1. Hey Edwin, I’m good and you? I’ll be in Kupang next year in summer (July/August) for sure! I really miss it and I can’t wait :D How is it there? Any huge changes?
    All the best to you too my friend!

  2. Daria Kristina

    I love the fact that you both love books and movies equally. Yes, balance is truly the key to everything. And must I say that I’m totally jealous of how awesome your life is. More power!

  3. Thanks Daria. But no reason to be jealous, anyone can do why I do :) Take care!
    Best, Nisa

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