Vienna's First District

January 31, 2012 Austria 4 Comments 15,704 Views

A Different View Of Vienna’s First District.

I think that I’ve been to the movie theatre only once in the last 6 months … Why?

  • Well,  first of all: I own around 2.200 DVD’s & Blu Rays.
  • Second: I tend to buy every single new release there is asap anyway.
  • Third: I love watching movies more than once, so in the end it’s cheaper that way.

But last weekend I felt like going again. So mum, my friend Ines and I went to see the movie “Intouchables” (which by the way is great and has a fantastic soundtrack). While walking to the cinema in the first district, I realized that there were so many little side streets that I’ve never been to before. So it was clear, that I had to check out these “unknown” areas of my home town – and lucky for me, Ulli & Ines came along as well :) The next day, we we’re on a photo-walk through Vienna’s charming first district.

Here Are Some Impressions:
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“A Different View Of Vienna’s First District.”

  1. Angelika

    Amazing pics as always! Especially I like the courtyard pic.;-) By the way, Intouchables is a great movie and one of my new faves…

  2. Nisa

    Thanks so much Angelika! Yeah I totally loved the movie as well :)

  3. Tania Ruiz

    Hello Nisa! I really admire your work! It’s been long time since I also said to myself that I really wanted to do a similar blog to yours but sharing my experiences and my love for my region, which is Costa Brava and Barcelona. I never find the time to do it, but your blog reminded me how grateful the result must be. Your blog is great and I will follow your advice about Wien since I am going to spend 3 days with my mum and sister in two weeks :) thank you for your help and if I ever finish (or should I say start?) my blog, I will let you know! :)

  4. Nisa

    Thanks so much for your lovely words Tania! I really appreciate it.
    If you get the change to start your own blog, do so, because it’s a really great way of sharing your stories but also keeping memories. Nowadays photos are not really developed anymore…you have them on your hard driver, but don’t really print them into an album, but through our blog, it’s almost like browsing through our old photo albums :)
    Be sure to let me know if you ever do so!
    Take care!

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